Aug 14, 2008

New Program called "Sajid's Superstars"

A new TV show is being planned called "Sajid's Superstars" to be hosted by none other than Sajid Khan the director of Heyy Babyy. The program is said to be a different type of talk show where Sajid will interview different stars like Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sajid ,he has a zany sense of humor and a proclivity to poking fun at movies/sequences in movies.He used to host a television show about the funniest scenes in hindi movies which included sequences about actors who hammed the most in particular movies. His show was quite unlike any other show, at least in those days on Indian television.If his new show is anywhere nearly as funny as his show in the past,this could be interesting to watch.

Perhaps he should do a section asking actors to mouth some of the funniest lines they have to had to deliver for the movies. Have you ever noticed especially in the movies of the 70s and the 80s there would be lines like "Ruk Jao Ye Shaadi nahi ho sakti" literally translated in English meaning "Stop! this marriage cannot happen".

The other frequently used line in older movies used to be "Mere ghar mein meri maa or langdi behen hai " which translated in English means "At my home I have my mother and my crippled sister" or a variation of the above line would have been "andhi behen" meaning "blind sister". For some inexplicable reason in the movies of the 70's the protagonist always had a disabled sister who served as an albatross around the protagonists neck and forced him to probably give up on the life he would have otherwise chosen.

Maybe he should have the actors recreate some of the hilarious dance sequences that happens in movies.It would be interesting to watch if the actors are able to carry this off with a straight face.So long as he does not have a show where he gushes over the actors and tries to hype them up,it should be interesting and at least mildly entertaining


anamika said...

hey, stopped by here from your comment in my post. I am great fan of Sajid Khan, as you can see in my review to Hey baby at

To add to the dialogues, I recollect 'tum ne khandaan ki izzat mitti me mila di' and 'main tumhare bache ki maa banne wali hoon' always repeated in 70s movies!

Reviewer said...

Thanks for visiting Anamika,I will definitely check out your review of hey baby....surprisingly I missed the movie entirely...

Agreed about the dialogues I missed those.....they were used in so many movies of the 70's...


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