Aug 19, 2008

Movie Review of Kisi Se Na Kehna (1983 )

Story about Kailash Nath (Utpal Dutt), a widower who has raised his son Ramesh ( Farooq Shaikh) by himself.When it is time for his son to get married, Kailash nath goes to meet a few girls and is very disappointed with their behaviour. He blames their behaviour on their learning the English language and concludes that he wants his son to marry a girl who does not know any English at all and is traditional in every sense.In the meanwhile his son has fallen in love with Dr Ramola Sharma (Deepti Naval) who is his boss' niece. When Ramesh learns about his fathers plans for his marriage, Ramesh approaches Lalaji ( Saeed Jaffrey ) for his help. Lalaji decides to present Ramola as a traditional Indian girl (Rama )who does not know any English. Kailash Nath approves of Rama and agrees to get her married to his son.

Lalaji's plan works and the marriage proceeds without a hitch with a little help from Rama's uncle. But after the marriage Rama feels very guilty about hiding the truth from her affectionate father in law who treats her like his daughter. Ramesh convinces her that once his father gets to know Rama well than they can come clean about the truth. After some hilarious sequences between the lead characters, some misunderstandings and finally like most bollywood movies,the movie ends on a happy note.

This movie has excellent performances by Utpal Dutt and Saeed Jaffrey and competent performances by Farooq Shaikh and Deepti Naval.This is a simple movie about family values in a style that is typical of most Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies and is reminiscent of other Mukherjee movies like Bawarchi ,Guddi and Chupke Chupke. Though in a direct comparison with Chupke Chupke this movie is not as hilarious as Chupke Chupke, this movie still tends to be quite light hearted and evokes a few laughs

The music is average and not at all remarkable, though there are a couple of hummable tunes.This movie is definitely worth one watch if for nothing other than the performance by Utpal Dutt who has a fairly big role in this movie.


bollyviewer said...

I saw this one years ago and loved it! Utpal Dutt certainly had a turn for comedy and this is one of his best. And Farooq Shaikh did the shy-around-women bit so well!

Reviewer said...

Agreed Utpal Dutt's performance in the movie is superlative, he portrayed all the shades of his character very well....thanks for stopping by bollyviewer....


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