Aug 11, 2008

A movie on the life of Kishore Kumar

One of the unparalleled singers of Indian music is unarguably Kishore Kumar.He has sung some fantastic songs in his career and has inspired a whole generation of fans with his voice.A new movie is being planned on the life of the legendary singer/actor Kishore Kumar.The film is being produced by UTV.The script of the film is going to be written by Renzil D. Silva.
Shoojit Sarcar is the man in charge of the entire project.

There is no information on the music director of the film or whether Kishore Kumar's own songs from his past will be used in this movie.

This news got me wondering which songs of Kishore Kumar both solo and duets would feature in such a movie if I had any say in this matter ,obviously I do not but no harm in wondering is there :)This is such a difficult assessment to make considering some of the great songs he has sung in his career.Compiling a top ten or top twenty or even a top fifty is difficult,but I attempted making a top ten list in no particular order which includes both duets and solos, which from my perspective are some of his evergreen numbers.

1.Tere mere milan ki ye raina
Sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
Movie :Abhimaan

2.Aap ki aankhon mein kuch meheke hue
Sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
Movie : Ghar

3. Tere Bina Zindagi se shikwa to nahi
Sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
Movie: Aandhi

4. Aane wala pal
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie: Golmaal

5. Kehana Hai
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie: Padosan

6. Yeh Shaam Mastani
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie: Kati Patang

7. Jeevan Se Bhari
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie : Safar

8. Raat Kali ek khwab mein
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie: Buddha Mil Gaya

9. Jidhar Dekhoon Teri Tasveer
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie: Mahaan

10.Sagar jaise aankhon wali
Sung by Kishore Kumar
Movie : Sagar

For the readers who would like to enjoy hearing this music too, I have added these songs to the right sidebar under the title Kishore Top 10. Enjoy this while you browse.
Please feel free to let me know which songs you would put in this list given a chance.

Information source thanks to India glitz and Screen India


bollyviewer said...

A movie about Kishore should be really fun. His life is full of crazy incidents! Wonder what it will turn out to be and what songs they'll choose!

Love your selection of his songs. Apart from these, I love his older songs where his joie de vivre was more restrained. Here's a list of my Kishore favorites:

1. Aa chal ke tujhe (Door Gagan Ki Chhaaon Mein).
2. Jeevan ke safar mein raahi (Munimji)
3. Ina meena deeka (Asha)
4. Khwaab ho tum ya (Teen Deviyaan)
5. Aankhon mein kya ji (Nau Do Gyarah) - with Asha Bhosle
6. Yeh raatein yeh mausam (Dilli Ka Thug) - with Asha Bhosle
7. Mere neendon mein tum (Naya Andaz) - with Shamshad Begum
8. Haal kaisa hai janaab ka (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi) - with Asha Bhosle
9. Cheel cheel cheelake (Half Ticket)

Love your selection of songs. Will be back to hear more!

Reviewer said...

Hi Bollyviewer Thanks for visiting my blog.Yes a movie about Kishore Kumar would be quite interesting,I have heard some hilarious stories about him,like shaving off half his mustache/hair because the producer only paid him half.Funny :)

All the songs you mentioned are in my list of favorites too especially Aa chal ke tujhe and Yeh raatein yeh mausam.Absolute classics :)

Crazy on Bollywood said...

This is a very good thinking to make a movie of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar.Personally i think he is the greatest male singer in India .Rest of all are far away from him.He is a singer with versatility..he had sung all type of songs superbly.Ya you are right it can not be possible to make any list of his songs.Anyway many many thanks for visiting my blog.Keep visiting.

Reviewer said...

Thanks for dropping by Crazy on Bollywood.Hope to see you here again.Kishore Kumar is one of my favorite singers too....


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