Aug 2, 2008

Kismet Konnection Review

A simple love story set in the backdrop of Toronto Canada between a struggling architect Raj Malhotra ( played by Shahid Kapoor) and Priya (no last name given) (played by Vidya Balan)
The movie starts with a series of sequences showing general lucklessness of Raj. He has been out of college for five years and is yet to make his mark in the world.He is a hard worker but extremely unlucky as is proven by a car that will not start, his ATM card not being accepted by the ATM,possible clients leaving the world before leaving him with a project.He is aided in his search for work by his friend Hiten (played by Vishal Malhotra) who is an architect as well and is a strong supporter of Raj and who believes that things will eventually work out.

Extremely disappointed with the way things are going,Raj decides to seek the help of Haseena Bano (played by Juhi Chawla) who claims to be a pyschic.She tells him that things will change when he finds his lucky charm.Enter Priya whose presence seems to bring better luck to Raj's life .Priya is working to save a community center which is going to be converted into a mall and is fighting for the rights of the elderly people living there.

Co incidentally the company that buys the community center to convert into a mall is the company Raj pursues to get his break as an architect. Priya believes that Raj is trying to help her save the community center.The rest of the story comprises of a triangle and the resolution of the conflict between Raj's ambition and Raj's conscience.

The chemistry between the lead pair did not live up to the expectations raised by the pre release hype and speculation about the lead pair.The movie had shades of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman depicting the struggle between conscience and profit in an individuals desire to grow and be successful in his career.Like previous Aziz Mirza movies this movie too has a simple story structure with most characters being pretty believable and not too "filmi"

Funnily the lead pair cavort around Toronto through the entire movie meeting only Hindi speaking Indians,apparently all the other people living there decided to quietly disappear to make the lead pair's lives easier :)

Both Shahid and Vidya perform competently.The music of the movie is average but not on par with the music of Jab we met which was the music directors previous major success.The movie does have some hummable tunes though.

The narrative of the story is smooth and kind of evenly paced without being too slow or being too fast.If you expect a fast paced, a thrill at every turn kind of a movie then this movie is not definitely for you.

On the whole this movie can be summed up as a feel good movie that charms in parts and leaves a smile on your face.



Priya said...

I have the movie and yet to watch. I have only seen Vidya as an old traditional/ homely women and not yet in modern/ classy dresses. Lets see.

Thanks for dropping in to my blog.

Reviewer said...

Thanks for visiting Priya,the movie is definitely worth one watch.Although about Vidya in modern clothes,I felt she could probably lose about 10 pounds and it would have looked better,I preferred her in her earlier movies definitely

lothi said...

Your blog is too gud... and enjoyed hearing the old songs..Nice collections!

Reviewer said...

Thanks for visiting Lothi,hope to see you here again :)

Vikas... The Movie Buff! said...

Nice review.... Tried to watch a bit of this movie on a friend's comp, didnt feel interested really... Vidya Balan should either slim down or do aunty-ish roles. Surely, these two dont have any chemistry at all... BTW, nice to come across another movie buff! Good Day!

Reviewer said...

Thanks for dropping by Vikas,I agree Vidya definitely needs to lose those extra pounds :)


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