Sep 5, 2008

Music Review of Kismet Konnection

After the dazzling success of the music of Jab we Met by music director Pritam, the bar was set higher for the music of Kismet Konnection.The music of this movie can be simply summed up as a let down.There are some hummable tunes no doubt and definitely the song " Is this love-Kahin na laage" by Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal will probably linger and has to be the most melodius number from this album.

The song " Bakhuda Tumhi ho " does not reach its potential because of the the poor rendition by male singer Atif Aslam. Bakhuda is a duet with the female singer being Alka Yagnik who does a competent job with this song, but her good singing is unable to save this song from mediocrity caused by the unnecessarily loud and sometimes out of control singing by the male singer. A pity that, since the song really does have good potential and would have been a keeper with a different male singer.

The other songs include " Tu hai meri soniye" sung by Neeraj Sridhar and "Move your body now" sung by Shaan and some other singers can be categorized as dance numbers that can at best be called entertaining. The " Soniya Ve " number sung by Sonu Nigam is on the lines of the "Nagaada" number from Jab we met but without the impact of the latter and this song too is average.

The songs mentioned in this review have been added to the sidebar so you can check them out there.


ajnabi said...

I think everything about this movie can be summarized as "average." However, I'd take average originality over Pritam's genius for lifting others' work. ;-)


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