Sep 2, 2008

Music Review of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

The music of Jaane tu ya Jaane na is by music director A R Rehman. As is normally the case any movie with music from this talented music director causes high expectations. The tunes in this film are young sounding and fresh in keeping with the spirit of the movie.

The best song of the album is definitely Kahin to Hogi woh sung by Rashid Ali and Vasundhara Das which flows melodiously and will linger in your hearts. Also the peppy Kabhi Kabhi Aditi zindagi is a fun filled foot tapping number that does not disappoint,this song is also rendered by Rashid Ali.The third song worth a mention in this album is the Pappu can't dance number which has a good beat and may appeal to the college crowd.

The rest of the songs in this album are pleasant enough and worth hearing a couple of times but do not stand out and do not linger .


bollyviewer said...

I liked the songs in the movie but the only one that stayed with me was Pappu cant dance probably because the lyrics were hilarious!

Crazy on Bollywood said...

I love to hear only old music,basically kishore's songs.The song "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi zindagi" is my latest favorite.

Reviewer said...

Yes bollyviewer the songs of this movie had a fresh feel to it and was good :)

Reviewer said...

Hey Crazy on Bollywood,I love the songs of Kishore era too :)


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